Pokemon GO is More Popular Than Tinder


New augmented-reality game Pokemon GO is proving so popular that it is even beating dating app Tinder as well as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

Pokemon GO, the new Pokemon game for mobile devices, has quickly become a phenomenon. The game combines augmented-reality technology with GPS, allowing players to go hunting for Pokemon (which they can then catch) by venturing out into the real world and they can also become gym leaders too. This combination has proved so irresistible to players that not only are Pokemon GO players risking their jobs and continuing to play while their wives give birth, but it seems that some people would rather catch ‘em all than find a romantic partner.

That information comes from data compiled by SimilarWeb which says that Pokemon GO is more popular than dating app Tinder. As of Friday, the 8th of July, Pokemon GO was installed on 5.16% Android devices in the United States whereas Tinder was installed on 2% – compared to data from Statista which suggests that 107.7 million people own Android devices in the US and that means that over 5 and a half million people in the country are playing the game.

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Tinder isn’t the only app that GO is beating, either, as over 60% of those who downloaded the free to play title use it every day. 3% of Android users in the US play GO every day versus 3.5% that use Twitter every day, though with the former’s usage stats steadily rising and with SimilarWeb’s data now a few days old, the game may well have surpassed the social media platform already. With users spending approximately 43 minutes and 23 seconds playing Pokemon GO each day, the game is also outdoing WhatsApp (30 minutes, 27 seconds), Instagram (25 minutes, 16 seconds), Snapchat (22 minutes, 53 seconds) and Facebook Messenger (12 minutes, 44 seconds).

While these statistics are impressive as is, it’s highly likely that they will increase over the coming weeks and months. John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic (the developer behind the game) recently confirmed that Pokemon GO will add Pokemon trading at some point in future, with trading being a highly requested feature. Moreover, more people may get involved with the game once launch issues, including poor battery life and location glitches, are fixed.

And, while existing GO players will certainly welcome more improvements to the title, Nintendo will be smiling the most as the app’s huge success as already seen the company’s stock soar to its highest level in over two months. In fact, there are reports that this stock surge has added $7 billion to the company’s value so it will surely be doing everything it can to make sure that Pokemon GO continues to trounce Tinder and any other app that tries to take its crown.

Source: SimilarWeb

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