The latest series of Pokemon GO updates from Niantic have to be in consideration for some of the game’s best. Not only has the update reinvigorated a community that was largely stagnant with the introduction of raid battles, but it has addressed a number of quality of life issues as well, including adding Pokemon GO TMs that reduce the variance involved in raising a battle-worthy Pokemon. It seems that after nearly a year of growing pains, developer Niantic has finally gotten the hang of addressing bugs common in ARG-style gaming while also adding meaningful content, much to the pleasure of Pokemon GO fans everywhere.

The many changes the latest patch brought hasn’t distracted the most diehard Pokemon GO players from looking toward the game’s future, however. A recent datamine from the team at PokemonGOHub has revealed that Niantic already has data in the game’s files that indicates more Golden Berry items will be added soon. According to the files, it appears that trainers will soon have access to both a Golden Pinap and Golden Nanab Berry soon.

Golden Berries exist within Pokemon GO as drastically better versions of the regular Berries that are commonly acquired at Pokestops. Although it is just speculation currently, based on the existing Golden Berry, the Golden Pinap Berry will likely offer quadruple the Candy gained during an encounter with a Pokemon, making evolution much easier for those attempting to grind up to a better Pokemon lineup. Speculation also suggests that the Golden Nanab Berry could completely “calm down” a Pokemon during an encounter, reducing its flee chance all the way down to 0% to ensure tough catches are made.

pokemon go golden razz berry

Unfortunately, the datamined features will require a whole new update from Niantic before they are implemented, so they likely won’t be coming in the next few weeks. Still, there is plenty to look forward to for fans of Niantic’s mobile killer app, including Pokemon GO releasing a rare Pikachu in the near future to tide people over before the game’s next new wave of features.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: PokemonGOHub