Perhaps the most controversial feature in Pokemon GO at this point are the EX Raids. These exclusive, invite-only events allow small groups of players the chance to get together and take down a special Battle Raid boss that nobody else has access to. The system is meant to provoke excitement over the chance to catch an ultra-rare Legendary creature, but mostly it has just resulted in players being angry for not receiving invites or receiving invites for locations they can’t make it to during the small time window.

Despite the vocal complaints about the Pokemon GO EX system, Niantic is still rolling forward with it. There were some recent updates that were supposed to help get more players involved, but we haven’t exactly seen the results of that quite yet. The latest wave of EX invites have just been released and it sounds like a lucky group of players will be raiding early next week.

The invites went out yesterday afternoon and Reddit immediately started filling up with players from around the world who were announcing their excitement about the news.

In addition to the players who are excited about the new wave of invites, there is another section of the community who is upset about how the invites were determined. Apparently the theory is that Niantic followed its old invite algorithm, instead of the new one that was recently established. This means less invites and less gyms involved.

EX Raids are likely going to continue being tweaked throughout the game’s lifecycle, but hopefully Niantic is able to get things straightened out sooner than later. Many die-hard players who have been raiding since the feature was introduced still haven’t received the chance to participate in an EX Raid and the salt is very real.

Will you be participating in an EX Raid in the coming week? If so, good luck out there, trainer!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.