Pokemon GO Moltres raids are now rolling out across the globe, giving people a chance to catch the legendary fire and flying type Pokemon. Although the Pokemon’s release follows that of other high profile characters, Lugia and Articuno, it seems that enthusiasm for legendaries and legendary Raids hasn’t dropped off just yet.

The popularity of the Pokemon was made clear at a raid in Billings, MT. Over 80 people showed up to the Montana Moltres raid, with people bringing their children and pets for what looks like a fun outing. One player, reportedly named Laura, even showed up to play despite her arm being in a sling. The original poster of the raid team image explains that Laura fell over a shovel while playing Pokemon GO at night. Not even a painful injury can stop people from catching ’em all, it seems.

Developer Niantic will be delighted to see that so many people showed up to take part in one of the first Moltres raids. The release of legendaries has already seen Pokemon GO have its highest grossing day ever and if people stay this giddy for the game, then the company will continue to rake it in.

Pokemon GO Moltres raid team

Pokemon GO players will also be hoping that excitement about legendary raids remains high. Unfortunately, some players who wanted to take on the Moltres raid say that they were the only ones to show up and that they were unable to do it alone. While that’s incredibly disappointing, even more players could end up facing situations like that if interest in legendary raids is to dip. 80-strong raid teams would be a thing of the past at least, that’s for sure.

There are problems with the game’s Raids, though, with some arguing that there just aren’t enough uses for legendary Pokemon to encourage them to participate. If Niantic is able to address this, then this could bring more Pokemon GO fans back into the fold.

It should also be noted that Niantic is planning more raids in future. Lugia, Articuno and Moltres are just the start, with Zapdos raids also planned and Mewtwo raids being hinted at too. Fingers crossed that interest will still be riding high when these raids come around, or else Niantic could be dealing with some very unhappy players.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Source: Reddit