Here's How Pokemon GO Handles Microtransactions

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Pokemon GO is now rolling out internationally, and as a result there's new information about how much cash players can expect to splash out on microtransactions.

As soon as Nintendo announced its plans to enter the mobile gaming market, there were questions about how the company would monetize their releases. Now, the hotly anticipated Pokemon GO is in the process of making its way to app storefronts across the globe, so we've finally got some solid information to work with.

Pokemon GO challenges players to become real-world Pokemon trainers, heading out into their surroundings to capture beasties and earn gym badges. The app itself is free, but there's an in-game currency called Pokecoins that's used to purchase all sorts of equipment.

100 Pokecoins cost $0.99, and larger denominations come at a slight discount. However, the most important metric is how this in-game currency translates to the items that players will be purchasing most often.

20 Pokeballs are available for 100 Pokecoins, which seems like a fair starting price for the most important item in the game. Meanwhile, Incense can be bought to attract Pokemon to the player, and that's priced at 80 Pokecoins for a single serving and 500 Pokecoins for a pack of 8.

A Lure Module is similar to Incense, but it attracts Pokemon to a Pokestop, rather than the player's current location. This item costs 100 Pokecoins for a single unit, and 680 Pokecoins for 8.

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Finally, there are two items that relate to eggs. The first is a Lucky Egg, which doubles the player's XP and costs 80 Pokecoins or 500 Pokecoins for a pack of 8. Then there's the Egg Incubator, which costs 150 Pokecoins and can house an egg found at a Pokestop as it prepares to hatch.

All in all, there doesn't seem to be too much to complain about with the pricing that's in place. However, the changeable nature of a game like Pokemon GO makes it difficult to determine how much players can expect to pay up in order to enjoy the full experience.

Pokemon GO is finally exiting its field test period, but it's clear that the game will continue to evolve in the months after its release. There's currently no way of battling or trading with local players, features that could seriously flesh out its gameplay if they were added in a post-launch update.

The microtransactions present in Pokemon GO shouldn't deter fans of the franchise — but many will still have their doubts. The game is still being made available on a country-by-country basis, but soon we will all be able to try it out for ourselves and see whether the finished product lives up to its billing.

Pokemon GO is rolling out now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Kotaku

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