Since introducing legendary raids to Pokemon GO last month, developer Niantic has steadily made more legendary characters available in the game. Lugia, as well as Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno have all been available for capture, encouraging players to go out and play the game every week.

Those wondering which legendary character would be added next no longer need to speculate. The next Pokemon GO legendary is Mewtwo, with Mewtwo raids now available in Japan. The thousands of Pokemon GO players who attended the Pokemon GO Stadium event that is taking place as part of the larger Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, Japan, were able to work together to successfully complete the raid.

According to reports, the event did not suffer from the same technical issues as Pokemon GO Fest which struggled due to the amount of people trying to use their mobile data to play the game. Although players in some areas of Yokohama found difficulty in getting online, the majority were able to take part and bag themselves a Mewtwo.

Those in attendance also seemed unaffected by the Pokemon GO Premier Ball bug. The glitch has made it incredibly difficult for players to capture all Pokemon – legendaries or not – and has led them to complain en masse to Niantic. However, the attendees seem to have been given a significant amount of free Pokeballs prior to the Mewtwo raid, meaning that they were unlikely to run out of chances to catch their very own Mewtwo even if their catch attempts had been spectacularly inaccurate.

Unfortunately, it sounds as though capturing a Mewtwo will be much more difficult for those in other regions of the world, who did not attend the Pokemon GO Stadium event. Niantic has confirmed that Mewtwo will be available via exclusive raids, though the system sounds less than simple.

With Mewtwo confirmed, Pokemon GO players will already be speculating on which legendary character will be added to the game next. Fire and flying type Pokemon Ho-Oh was featured in the Pokemon GO legendary trailer alongside Lugia, Mewtwo and co. and it seems quite likely that it will be introduced soon. An exact date is unclear but there are more real-world Pokemon GO events taking place in Europe in the coming weeks and these could be a good place for Ho-Oh to be added to the game. Watch this space.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.