Pokemon GO Mewtwo Raid Hour Has Been Delayed

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September's schedule of Legendary Raid Hours in Pokemon Go has hit a hitch. The Mewtwo Legendary Raid Hour scheduled for today, September 18, has officially been delayed. Developer Niantic confirmed the delay and also delivered an apology to Pokemon Go fans who had been looking forward to the Mewtwo Raid Hour. While this week won't receive a replacement Raid Hour, Mewtwo's raid has simply been postponed and will return at a later date.

While Niantic's official statement only lists "technical difficulties" as the reason for the delay, Pokemon Go fans believe they've discovered more specific information. Pokemon Go's Raid Hours begin across the world on a stuttered schedule based on each region's time zones. New Zealand, the first region to get the Raid Hour, appears to have experienced major technical issues. rediguana on Twitter posted that the Mewtwo Raid Hour was a "bust" in New Zealand, that "thirty to forty people in Christchurch" took part before disbanding.

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With the Legendary Mewtwo Raid Hour not working properly in New Zealand, Niantic pulled the plug on the event before it reached other regions. Something clearly went wrong in the event's implementation. It's a surprising occurrence since Niantic had been holding Raid Hours throughout September without problems.

The September Pokemon GO Raid Hour events typically run every Wednesday between 6:00 to 7:00 pm local time. September 4's Raid Hour featured Raikou, Entei, and Suicune raids with an opportunity to catch shiny version of the Legendaries. September 11's Raid Hour featured all Deoxys forms. September 18's now canceled Raid Hour was for Mewtwo and Shiny Mewtwo. That leaves September 25's event, whose Pokemon is yet to be revealed. It's now possible, if not likely, that Mewtwo will fill this final Raid Hour.

While the cancellation of the Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid Hour is certainly disappointing, the situation isn't all bad. It's better to have Niantic continue to deliver events for Pokemon Go on a routine basis and to have one canceled than to have no events in general. And worst-case scenario, Mewtwo will be back for another Raid Hour before too long. Hopefully, Niantic adds an extra week onto its planned Raid Hour schedule rather than dropping one, but even then Pokemon Go players are coming out ahead.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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Source: rediguana

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