Hundreds of Pokemon GO Players Fall for Mewtwo Prank in Japan

pokemon go mewtwo prank

Thousands of Pokemon GO players flock to Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan after a prank pulled them in with the hopes of catching the Legendary Mewtwo. Evidently, that didn't pan out.

As any Pokemon fan can attest, there's something truly special about the monster Mewtwo. The creature is more or less the final, and catchable, threat in the original Pocket Monster games, and it's notorious for being one of the most powerful beasts ever found within the franchise. All of this has contributed to making Mewtwo one of the most beloved Pokemon ever, which means that those currently playing Pokemon GO have been feverishly searching for the character – and a number of Japanese players thought they had a chance at obtaining the creature just recently.

Kotaku reports that over a thousand fans stormed Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan after a rumor broke out that Mewtwo could be found there. It turns out that this rumor was nothing more than a prank, but the end result left an absurd number of eager trainers vying to be amongst the first in the world to add the 150th Pokemon to their roster. As many readers have logically concluded, these intentions fell short, as the Legendary never surfaced. Still, the resulting footage and images efficiently demonstrate the power that Pokemon GO has over its user base.


The reason many fans fell for the rumor was because of the similarities between Tsuruma Park's fountain and a Pokeball, which many had then assumed made for a likely spawn area for the mythical Mewtwo. When given an aerial view of the area, the water feature's similarity to the iconic in-game item is certainly uncanny, and that fact was far from lost on those that attended the event.


This isn't the first time fans of the mobile game have been duped either, as a similar rumor recently sprang up during San Diego Comic-Con, where YouTuber Phillip DeFranko teased that an incredibly rare bird Pokemon would arrive following the scheduled Pokemon GO panel. Nothing came of that either, but it's known that the three legendary birds and Mewtwo are in the game's code, and they will likely be made available to gamers through special in-game events at some point down the road.

Meanwhile, gamers are attempting to secure the still undiscovered Ditto, with ample theories popping up about how to capture the illusive and transforming monster. Additionally, developer Niantic plans on adding other generations to Pokemon GO in the near future, so the desire to catch 'em all is sure to only escalate as the game continues to evolve in the coming months.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select areas.

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Source: Kotaku

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