Pokemon GO Adds Significantly More Powerful Mewtwo to Legendary Raids

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The Pokemon GO community is abuzz after Mewtwo was brought back to raids last night, but its return was not what many expected. Players have been waiting for another shot at catching the Legendary Pokemon, with a certain expectation it would once again be a standard Tier 5 boss, but that has turned out to not be case. Niantic has upped the difficulty to an extend that it has upset portions of the playerbase.

The developer of Pokemon GO is facing criticism after it decided to bring Mewtwo back as what is effectively a Tier 6 raid boss, significantly increasing its HP and CP, making it a much more menacing foe. To attempt this encounter, it may require up to four trainers to take it down, all with the appropriate Pokemon in tow. This will prove trying for much of the community, as gathering a group of willing players is harder outside of special events.

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In place of excitement, many players are feeling anxiety over Mewtwo's return, worried they will have to miss out on this opportunity to catch this popular Pokemon. The FOMO is also amplified due to a recent buff to Psystrike. If Mewtwo comes equipped with this skill, it makes for an extremely powerful Psychic Pokemon.

Because there is a visible uproar from the community, it may prompt Niantic to consider a nerf. The company doesn't always make the best decisions, and Pokemon GO's rocky beginnings prove that. But Niantic has done a lot better since then to improve the game and listen to fans. Time will tell if the developer decides to take action on the Mewtwo situation.

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In other Pokemon GO news, the long awaited Gen 5 Pokemon have finally arrived. As with other generations being introduced, there are a limited number available for the time being. More will be brought into the game eventually, but there are currently 18 Gen 5 Pokémon players can catch today, not including their evolved forms.

If players do decide to evolve these new critters, it will take a bit of extra work to do so. Players will need to obtain an item to evolve Gen 5 Pokemon called Unova Stones, named after the region in the games they first appeared in. Don't worry too much about finding these crucial items, as we have put together a guide on how to get Unova Stones.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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