Last month, Pokemon GO officially introduced Mewtwo as a legendary Pokemon. Mewtwo would be part of the game’s EX raid battle system, an invite-only feature that is currently in testing. While many have so far missed out on getting an invite, it seems that more Pokemon GO users will have a chance soon.

That’s according to reports from Pokemon GO players across the globe who say that more EX Raid battle test invites are being sent out. In the United States, Mewtwo EX Raid battles are taking place at Starbucks-sponsored locations, Europe is hosting battles at Starbucks and at Unibail-Rodamco malls and Jio locations in Asia are also getting in on the EX Raid battle testing fun. To receive an invite, players will have had to beat a nearby Gym in the past few weeks.

This latest wave adds new cities in the United States and Japan, on top of the already announced EX Raid battle test locations. Australia has so far missed out on this Raid battle testing wave but as the number of test cities seems to be increasing rapidly, it’s expected that testing will come to the country soon.


One interesting aspect of these EX Raid battle tests is that almost all of them are being held at sponsored locations. In the UK it seems that the city of Chester (which was home to an official Pokemon GO event over the summer), is the only new location that doesn’t have a sponsorship deal.

Again, while the test locations are expected to expand to non-sponsored Gyms and PokeStops, it’s unclear exactly when that may be. It means that those who don’t live near a sponsored location may have a bit more time to wait until they can get in on the EX Raid battle testing fun.

The wait for a Mewtwo should be well worth it, though. Mewtwo has a higher catch rate than the other legendary Pokemon (as well as Tyranitar,) meaning that in theory, the character should be a lot easier to get.

Mewtwo isn’t a total breeze to catch as the character’s purposefully deceitful attack animation can trick players who aren’t paying attention. But even so, players have a slightly higher chance of catching a Mewtwo than they do a legendary bird, making these EX Raid battles all the more exciting for fans.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub