Pokemon GO: How to Use the New Lure Modules

pokemon go does the name trick work for glaceon and leafeon

Past datamines leaked the existence of brand new Lure Modules for Pokemon GO, and now the new Lure Modules are officially available in the game. After players download the post-Detective Pikachu event update, they should find the three new Lure Modules in the shop, but they may be wondering how to use them.

The three new Lure Modules in Pokemon GO are the Glacial Lure Module, the Mossy Lure Module, and the Magnetic Lure Module. All three of these Lure Modules are found in the shop for 200 coins, so twice the price of a regular Lure Module. It's possible that players will be able to get the Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lure Modules through Field Research rewards, but right now, players primarily get them by purchasing them from the shop.

Players can get a maximum of 50 coins each day by having their Pokemon defend gyms, so they should be able to afford one of the new Lure Modules after four days if they don't feel like buying any with real money. Once they have one of the Lure Modules, the next step is to put it in a PokeStop, where they will attract specific Pokemon.

What Pokemon Are Attracted by the New Lure Modules

Previous Lure Modules just attract random Pokemon, but the new Lure Modules attract Pokemon of specific types. This should help players complete some of their Field Research tasks easier, and it should also go a long way in helping Pokemon GO players better fill out their Pokedex.

Here are all the types attracted by each of the new Lure Modules in Pokemon GO.

Glacial Lure Module

  • Ice-Types
  • Water-Types

Magnetic Lure Module

  • Electric-Types
  • Rock-Types
  • Steel-Types

Mossy Lure Module

  • Bug-Types
  • Grass-Types
  • Poison-Types

How to Use the Lure Modules to Evolve Pokemon

pokemon go does the name trick work for glaceon and leafeon

A unique feature of the new Lure Modules in Pokemon GO is that they can be used to evolve specific Pokemon, like Glaceon and Leafeon. Right now, there are four Pokemon that can only be obtained through Lure Modules (and having enough candy). To evolve Pokemon with Lure Modules, players have to be near a PokeStop that's powered by one of the three new Lure Modules. And then, as long as they are in spinning range, they should have the option to evolve their Pokemon.

Here are the Pokemon that can evolve with the new Lure Modules.

Glacial Lure Module

  • Eevee to Glaceon

Magnetic Lure Module

  • Magneton to Magnezone
  • Nosepass to Probopass

Mossy Lure Module

  • Eevee to Leafeon

In the future, it's possible Niantic will add even more Lure Modules to Pokemon GO that represent the other Pokemon types in the game. For now, though, these are the only special Lure Modules available.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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