The confirmation that Pokemon GO would finally be adding legendary Pokemon had players delighted. Developer Niantic teased and hinted at which legendary Pokemon would be available with a trailer for the new content, but it remained quiet on which one would be available first.

At Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic finally explained all, confirming to players that Lugia Raids would be available worldwide within the next 48 hours. This will give players who weren’t able to attend the event a chance to defeat the legendary character and catch a Lugia for themselves. Those who were able to attend the event, though, will just be gifted a Lugia for free as an apology for the Pokemon GO Fest technical issues.

Niantic also confirmed some of its post-Lugia plans as well. During the Pokemon GO Fest challenge windows, Team Mystic was deemed to have contributed the most to their success. As a result, Articuno will be the next legendary Pokemon to be added to raids.

Pokemon GO legendary Pokemon release date

Players will be eager to catch Lugia and Articuno, but these Pokemon and these Raids may just be the beginning of the legendary fun. According to code found within a recent game update, Pokemon GO may be adding shiny legendaries as well, including albino-esque variations of both Lugia and Articuno.

As mentioned, the legendary announcement trailer also hinted at the arrival of several other legendary status characters, including the legendary birds Zapdos and Moltres. Mewtwo was also spotted in the video and although the uncovered code does not appear to reference the pink, psychic characters, it’s unlikely that Niantic would have included the character in the trailer unless its release was in the works.

There are a lot of places for Niantic to take this, with Pokemon GO players sure to latch on to any future legendary related content. But for now, the developer will be putting all of its focus into ensuring that the game works properly with just Lugia and Articuno. The technical issues that plagued the game during Pokemon GO Fest were as much, if not more, of a talking point as the arrival of legendaries. This, and any further technical problems will be incredibly embarrassing for Niantic and totally infuriating for players of the popular mobile game and it will want to work on that before introducing any more legendaries.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.