Raids have just recently been introduced to Pokemon GOand is currently the only method to catch legendary Pokemon outside of compensation for attending a disastrous event, of course. Successfully completing a raid requires preparation, so one Reddit user created a handy infographic to help trainers take down Lugia and Moltres.

The infographic comes from a user through Silph Road, one of Reddit’s largest Pokemon GO communities. Those who have stuck with the game since launch should have some, or most, of the suggested Pokemon, so it’s more a matter of simply beefing them up to take on the raid. As the infographic notes, the suggestions are based on the maximum possible CP level for each Pokemon, which should go without saying for a challenge such as this.


lugia infographic raid pokemon go niantic

First up is Lugia, who is a Psychic/Flying type. The infographic lists its moves, weaknesses, and resistances for reference. The ideal attackers for this legendary are Tyranitar and Lapras. Tyranitar should be using Stone Edge or Crunch, while Lapras should be using Blizzard or Ice Beam.

Trainers who don’t have either can go with Golem or Jolteon as their B team. The infographic also lists which two Pokemon are not effective at all, which is good to know. Below that, tucked in a small, black box, are a few extra high DPS Pokemon that can work as substitutes. These are Dragonite, Vaporeon, Gyarados, and Rhydon.


moltres infographic raid pokemon go niantic

Next is Moltres, the legendary Fire/Flying Pokemon. This time, the ideal attackers are Tyranitar once again, but now Golem takes the place of Lapras. It’s suggested Tyranitar keeps plugging away with Stone Edge, while Golem does the same. The second tier of Pokemon to use are Vaporeon, Gyarados, and Jolteon. The suggested high DPS substitute Pokemon remain the same, with the exception of Vaporeon.

Those are just a couple methods to tackle the current raids. There are certainly more ways to go about it, but the infographic is meant to help expedite the process for those who are struggling. Anyone who is capable of raiding should do so, as the raids aren’t around forever. Articuno raids left the game yesterday, and are now replaced with Moltres starting today, July 31, until August 6. There are hints that Lugia may also be leaving the game soon, so grab it while you can.

Raids and legendary Pokemon were introduced at the first Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago last weekend. The event suffered some technical issues, which rendered many attendees unable to participate. Niantic issued refunds and compensation, but there were some who went so far as to sue the company for the grief they experienced.

Pokemon GO is available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit