Pokemon GO players have been having a ton of fun hunting down Legendary Battle Raids in the game during the last week (once they got over the Pokemon GO Fest disaster) and it’s almost time for the first Legendary rotation. So far, players have been able to hunt down both Lugia and Articuno, but that won’t be the case for long. We know that Articuno’s last day (for now) is July 31, but the fate of Lugia has remained a mystery so far.

Although there is still no firm confirmation of exactly when Lugia will disappear, it does sound like the Legendary bird will definitely be taken out of the rotation sometime in the near future. Niantic is still being vague and avoiding a straight answer, but a recent tweet from Pokemon Go’s Taiwanese account gives a little bit of new information.

The tweet warns players “not to miss” Lugia and that this particular Legendary will only stay “for a while more.” Here’s a look at the original tweet…

If each of the three team-associated Legendary birds appear for a span of one week, it’s possible that Lugia may stay until all three have appeared. This is just speculation, but that would give players roughly two more weeks to catch Lugia as many times as possible. Winning the Battle Raid and catching Lugia is easiest when following this strategy, but players still need to get out there and find a Battle Raid to participate in.

Despite the many problems for the fans who actually attended the Chicago-based Pokemon GO Fest event, the promised ‘Legendary Summer’ has actually been a big hit with most fans. Players finally have a real reason to group up and cooperate and it seems like more veteran players are returning to the game. It doesn’t hurt that the event has also been very helpful for the game’s profits.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: ComicBook.com