Legendary Pokemon have finally come to Pokemon GO, but players lucky enough to catch one might find their Lugia or Articuno don’t quite look the way they remember. A bizarre glitch is twisting and contorting the poor Pokemon into grotesque monstrosities.

The legendary beasts don’t look very intimidating when they appear to be writing in agony. Their limbs, feet, and other extremities are bent every which way. Except for their heads which remain in place, their steely gazes fixated on the player. It’s downright eerie.

There are plenty of documented cases found in screenshots posted by Pokemon GO trainers, but no one can figure out what’s causing the glitch or how to fix it. It seems players will have to wait for Niantic to jump onto the issue. The developer will likely want to do this in an expeditious manner, as the legendaries entered the game less than a week ago.

Fans have been waiting for legendary Pokemon since the game launched last summer. Niantic decided to finally unleash both Lugia and Articuno onto the world through the first Pokemon GO fest in Chicago. The event was a celebration of the game’s first year, but it was also way to reward those who continue to play. Things didn’t quite work out as planned, however, and problems with cell service kept many attendees from participating. This led to refunds and compensation to those who purchased tickets for the event, which included a free Lugia added to their accounts.

Now, some of the players that managed to snag a Lugia or Articuno have begun to encounter this strange contorting glitch. It’s probably not what patient players want to see from their first legendary Pokemon. However, this isn’t even the only glitch affecting them. It’s already been discovered that Lugia has another glitch – one that doesn’t allow a trainer to appraise it.

Niantic has its hands full cleaning up what seems to be an ever-growing mess. Hopefully, things will get sorted out in the weeks to come, and players can enjoy their new legendary Pokemon without issue.

Source: ComicBook.com