Pokemon GO Has Lost Over 15 Million Daily Users

According to a report from Axiom Capital Management, Pokemon GO has lost more than 15 million daily users, accounting for a third of the game's peak player numbers.

Since it first launched last month, Pokemon GO has experienced incredible success around the world. People from all walks of life take to their communities to track down the best, strongest, and rarest Pokemon they can find.

But like all good things, the boom Pokemon GO first experienced couldn’t last forever. According to information provided by Axiom Capital Management and published by Bloomberg, the popular augmented reality mobile game that was once the most popular free game on mobile has already lost more than 15 million daily users. That roughly a third of the peak daily players the game experienced in mid July.

Additionally, Axiom revealed that Pokemon GO engagement has dropped by more than 50 percent, and searches for “augmented reality” have declined significantly since Pokemon GO first launched.

pokemon go user graph

The dramatic drop in daily players comes as little surprise considering the nature of Pokemon GO. After the initial excitement, it’s natural that some players will fall away from the game, and take some of their friends with them. Additionally, once players reach higher levels in the game, it gets more difficult to level up. The additional grind undoubtedly fails to keep players hooked.

This new information about Pokemon GO’s daily numbers should come as positive news to the other mobile titans like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, all who took a backseat to the mobile game during its boom. In fact, Axiom senior analyst Victor Anthony said this new trend should be well received by investors in the aforementioned mobile apps.

During its prime, Pokemon GO saw users spending approximately 43 minutes per day playing the game. That made Pokemon GO more popular than other major mobile apps like Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messanger. Considering the downward trend, though, it’s likely Pokemon GO’s numbers have since dropped considerably compared to these others.

pokemon go engagement graph

It’ll be interesting to see if Niantic can introduce any additional features to help win back players to Pokemon GO. The developer is actively working on new features, such as a new tracker tool, as well as introducing Trainer Tips to help players better judge the quality of the Pokemon they’re catching. If Niantic is able to nail down the secret sauce to keeping the current Pokemon GO player base, and even add to it, there’s no doubt this is only the beginning of the augmented reality mobile industry.

What do you think about Pokemon GO’s lost numbers? Is it something for Niantic to be concerned about?

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