Niantic is notoriously secretive about its future plans for Pokemon GO, often leaving it to fans to discover when changes are being made through efforts like datamining. However, a fan that goes by the Twitter handle PokemonDoctorYT managed to speak with Niantic CEO John Hanke on a flight, and came away with some key details about what the future holds for Pokemon GO.

The conversation, as summarized by prominent Pokemon GO content creator Reversal, revealed that Niantic will in fact be raising Pokemon GO‘s level cap at some point. With the introduction of the new Field Research system, players have more ways to earn XP in the game than ever before, so this could be a way for those who have already hit the level cap to still enjoy the XP rewards tied to the quests.

Hanke also reportedly said that both generation 4 Pokemon and Player Versus Player battles are in the works for Pokemon GO as well. This should come as no surprise, as one has to imagine every generation of Pokemon will eventually make their way to the popular mobile game at some point. PvP battles, meanwhile, have been announced for Pokemon GO since before its launch, but it’s reassuring to know that Niantic is still actively working on the feature.

The conversation between PokemonDoctorYT and Hanke also yielded some other interesting information about Pokemon GO‘s future. Apparently something is being done to the game’s map to make it “more raid friendly,” and new items are being worked on as well. Furthermore, players will once again be able to request PokeStops at some point, and there are plans for a second Pokemon GO Fest event. Here’s hoping the second event is able to avoid the controversies and lawsuits that have plagued the first one.

Hanke also confirmed to PokemonDoctorYT that there will be more actions taken against spoofers. Niantic has already shown its willingness to take on spoofers, recently banning many of them from the game.

Some may be questioning the validity of this information, but it seems unlikely that Reversal would post these details if he believed them to be false. Plus, we have photographic and video evidence from PokemonDoctorYT himself that proves he sat next to Niantic CEO John Hanke on a recent flight, so there really is no reason to doubt this information at this time.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.