Pokemon Go: Eggs Will No Longer Hatch Into Basic Pokemon, Less Basic Pokemon In The Wild

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Pokemon GO's developers decrease the number of basic Pokemon that spawn in the wild, reduce Eevee from a 10k egg to a 5k, and remove two annoying Pokemon from 2k eggs.

As Pokemon GO's first week-long event began winding down to an end the day after Halloween, many fans of the mobile AR game began to wonder if Niantic would do anything to retain the players that returned to the game for the spooky event. Early reports suggest that tons of lapsed players logged back in thanks to the motivation of different Pokemon spawn patterns and lots of bonus candy. Less than a week after the event has ended, the Pokemon GO developer has already announced two major changes in an attempt to keep those players around.

The first major announcement came earlier this week with the confirmation of Daily Quest bonuses. This has been a fan request for months and the enhancement was leaked a bit early due to a datamine of the Halloween event code. In addition to the daily catch and Pokestop bonuses, Niantic is now reducing the number of Pidey, Zubat, and Rattata that will be found in the wild. Pidgey and Rattata also no longer hatch from eggs and Eevee has been reduced from a 10k egg to a 5k egg.

Both major changes were announced on Twitter with credit going to Professor Willow's research...



After the initial Pokemon GO hype died down, one of the major complaints about the game was that it was too hard to find a variety of Pokemon. Players in rural areas are lucky to find anything while out hunting, while players in suburbs can't walk 2k without catching close to a dozen Pidgey or Rattata. These changes should help bring some much needed variety into the daily Pokemon GO experience. To maintain good buzz Niantic will need to continue making these tweaks and switch up spawn cycles much more frequently than the team has up to this point.

Fans of the game are hopeful that the company has learned its lesson and following up the long-awaited first event with two positive announcements is a very good sign. Hopefully the next event is just a few weeks away and the team at Niantic already has a plan to keep players motivated over the winter holiday season. The halloween event put a focus on ghost type Pokemon, so many fans are speculating that a winter holiday event might do the same for ice types. If that's the case, an increased chance to catch a Lapras in the wild would certainly be enough motivation to get many fans logged in.

What do you think of the recent updates? Are you still playing the game? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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