Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon Arriving July 22

Pokemon GO legendary Pokemon release date

For months, Pokemon GO players have been speculating about when legendary Pokemon will be added to the game. A recent leak of a Pokemon GO legendary advertisement on the App Store suggested that their arrival would be imminent but an exact release date was up in the air.

Now though, fans don't have to speculate any longer as developer Niantic has finally confirmed that Pokemon GO will introduce legendary Pokemon to the game on July 22. In a press release the developer explains that on July 22, those attending Pokemon GO Fest will work with the millions of other players around the world to catch Pokemon at Pokemon GO Fest Challenge Windows and unlock in-game bonuses for all Pokemon GO players.

If players successfully catch enough Pokemon during the event, the first legendary Pokemon will be revealed at Pokemon GO Fest. If those attending the Chicago-based event are then able to defeat the legendary Pokemon, that legendary Pokemon will start appearing in Pokemon GO Raids around the world once Pokemon GO Fest is over. Those who defeat a legendary Raid boss will have the chance to catch their very own legendary Pokemon. In a trailer, several legendaries were confirmed, including Lugia, Zapdos, and Moltres, but it's unclear which one will be revealed during the event.

Niantic also revealed that legendary Pokemon eggs will be available at Gyms, so those hoping to get one of the rare eggs at a PokeStop are out of luck. Moreover, the developer kept good on its promise to impose limitations on how legendary Pokemon can be used at Gyms. Players can use the legendary creatures to take on Raids and Gyms but as the Pokemon are "unwilling" to leave their Trainers' side, people can't use them as Gym defenders.

Pokemon GO players the world over will be ecstatic about this news, thankful that Niantic is getting everybody in on the fun, whether they decide to attend a real-world event for the game or not. But with that said, there are still some big questions. For example, what happens if players are unable to complete the Pokemon GO Fest challenge?

Will the developer still make legendary Raids available or will players have to regroup and try again? What are the odds of getting a legendary Pokemon egg at a Gym? And will every Gym offer a chance to get one, or just those in bigger, urban hubs? These questions will hopefully be answered in time, but for now, it's time to celebrate.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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