Pokemon GO Teases More Legendary Raid Battles Coming Soon

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon - Mewtwo battling Pikachu

Since Pokemon GO's introduction of Legendary Pokemon last month, the game's player-base has risen dramatically. Although the AR title doesn't seem to be able to return to the staggering numbers it saw at launch, Pokemon GO did celebrate its most profitable day of all time recently, and a new statement from developer Niantic indicates that more Legendary creatures may soon be on their way.

Although Moltres and Articuno are no longer available to capture in-game, the mythical Team Instinct mascot Zapdos can now be faced in difficult Raid Battles. Sending out an email to the Pokemon GO fanbase, Niantic announced the arrival of the Legendary Electric/Flying-Type and might just have hinted at further Legendary Pokemon making an appearance soon.

"Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos have been spotted in Pokémon GO! Have you battled one of these Legendary Pokémon yet? From August 7–14, Zapdos, the Legendary Pokémon that represents Team Instinct, will appear at Raid Battles in the real world."

Pokemon GO Zapdos raid three players

The email concludes with a line that has many players believing that Zapdos won't be the final Legendary to appear in-game: "Good luck, Trainer. Be prepared for more legendary adventures!" With Pokemon such as Mew, Ho-Oh, and the Legendary dog trio still available to bring to the game, Niantic is certainly not short of future raids.

Possibly the most highly-anticipated Legendary to come to Pokemon GO ever since it made an appearance in the game's reveal trailer, Mewtwo is surely not far off. The man-made Pokemon is known for being one of the most powerful creatures in the franchise, so players should expect great difficulty defeating it if they don't come prepared.

In other recent Pokemon GO news, the game has released its next batch of shiny Pokemon into the wild, and a shiny version of Pikachu and its evolved form Raichu can now be caught. So far these updated color palettes seem to only be available at the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in Japan, though it's possible that we'll see a worldwide release in the coming weeks.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

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