Pokemon GO players have been tackling Raid Battles for the last few days and the new feature seems to have succeeded in breathing fresh life into the mobile game’s community. Players are running all around their towns to battle different Raid bosses and hopefully the Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Bosses will be arriving soon.

Currently, the most difficult Battle Raids are capped at level 4. Level 4 Raids have bosses that range in max CP from 16,696 to 34,707. A new glitched Battle Raid screenshot reveals what may be the max CP for the level 5 Legendary Raid bosses… An intimidating 300,000.

A screen shot shared with us by Pokemon GO Universe appears to show a glitched out Raid Battle screen with an incredibly high CP listed for the non-existent boss. Pokemon GO Universe obtained the screenshot from a player and although we can’t verify whether or not there’s been any photoshopping done, it certainly looks legit and the number is pretty realistic.

Here is a look at the screen shot…


300K may sound too high compared to the level 4 bosses, but if we do some math, it’s certainly an attainable goal. If the Battle Raid hits capacity with 20 trainers ready to fight, then each player would need to do about 15K damage to take down the boss. For high level players who have high CP squads with the best move sets, that is definitely an obtainable goal.

That said, there is obviously a chance that the CP in the screenshot is just a placeholder and won’t actually align with the max CP of the level 5 Battle Raid bosses. We won’t find out for sure until the Legendary Battle Raids are unlocked or until a datamine pulls some more concrete information about the upcoming bosses.

Until then, be sure to check back for updates and more Pokemon GO news and guides. Good luck out there, trainers!

What do you think of this glitched Battle Raid screen? Do you believe that this will be the max CP for Legendary bosses? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

Source: Pokemon GO Universe