Pokemon GO: New Avatar Shirts Celebrate Legendary Monsters


Pokemon GO fans looking to change up their avatar's looks will be able to do so with some brand new items, as Niantic has recently revealed.

Some new shirts were added to the list of available clothing items for Pokemon GO players to dress up their avatars. What makes these shirts special is the fact that they feature mythical and legendary Pokemon on them. There are two new shirts total, one with Mew, and another that has both Latias and Latios on it. Both shirts are available for 250 Pokemon coins each.

The Mew shirt is pink in color and has a large Mew in white on the front of it.  The Latias and Latios shirt is black, with Latias being red and Latios blue. The shirts were added in celebration of different in-game events, like Mew showing up for Special Research, as well as Latias and Latios no longer appearing in Raid Battles. Both are available today, June 5th.

Of course, new shirts aren't the only things players have to be excited about for the game. The June rewards for Field Research Encounters were also dug up by some die hard fans of Pokemon Oo. Many trainers will be excited that among them are increased chances of running into Dratini and Chansey, as well as Absol.

With Adventure Week wrapping up, the added content and extra rewards should keep fans of the game busy this month. Especially for those still working on evolving Dratini to its most advanced form, as it is one of the rarer Pokemon to encounter in the game.

The recent announcement of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee has many Pokemon GO fans excited, too. The games are coming to the Switch in November. Pokemon GO players will be able to transfer their Pokemon from it to either of the Pokemon Let's Go games.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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