Pokemon GO Announces Legendary Lunch Hour Event


Pokemon GO players working the day shift, Niantic's put together a new event feature just for you. Niantic has revealed its Legendary Lunch Hour feature specifically to encourage players to pick up their phones and play Pokemon GO during lunch at school, work, or elsewhere. For now, Legendary Lunch Hour is just an experiment. If Pokemon Go players participate and enjoy the event, it may just stick around - or even be expanded.

Legendary Lunch Hour works exactly the way its name implies. Between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, the noon lunch hour in local time, Pokemon GO will feature an increased number of raids. The hope is that Pokemon Go players will make the most of their lunch breaks and catch a few Legendary Pokemon. The first Legendary Lunch Hour is slated to begin on March 13.

Niantic is looking at the first Legendary Lunch Hour event as an experiment, so there are no further Legendary Lunch Hours planned beyond the first one. If the first Legendary Lunch Hour goes well it may return routinely, as Niantic says of the event, "With your help, we hope to make this an event you can enjoy every week!" More events could return each Wednesday, perhaps even starting as soon as March 20.

Niantic doesn't provide any justification for introducing the Legendary Lunch Hour event to Pokemon GO, but the logic seems simple. Pokemon GO's slowest hours are likely to be during work and school hours when no one can take their phone out or wander around looking for Pokemon. Niantic can't change work hours, but it can encourage Pokemon GO players to take out their phones during their lunch break. And offering up increased raid spawns may just be the most attractive way of doing that.

Of course, Niantic's goal with Legendary Lunch Hour may not be so sincere as it seems, appearing to offer up free increased raid opportunities for Pokemon Go players. It may have more monetary goals in mind. After all, Niantic isn't offering up free raid passes alongside the increased raid spawns of the event. And what better way to get players to purchase those raid passes than the kind of peer pressure that comes alongside friends or co-workers participating without you.

Nevertheless, with or without free raid passes, Legendary Lunch Hour proffers an opportunity that wasn't available before. For Pokemon Go players wanting to join more raids, this is a great chance. And that's hopefully what the event is all about.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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