Pokemon GO Begins Teasing Legendary Event With Clues?

Pokemon GO legendary clues Unown

Pokemon GO may be teasing an upcoming legendary event with in-game clues. The rumored teasers come not long after Niantic hinted at a 'legendary' summer for its massively popular mobile game.

According to APK teardowns, Niantic may have made big changes to rare Pokemon GO character Unown. Niantic has reportedly made all forms of Unown (the Pokemon can represent every letter in the alphabet) part of the local game files. This would make Unown pose less of a strain on a Pokemon GO player's data when loaded. Data from third-party Pokemon GO trackers is also said to show a small uptick in appearances of the typically quite rare Pokemon.

While this information isn't hugely significant on its own, some have pointed out that in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Unown showed up alongside the Ruins of Alph puzzles, which were used to unlock "unobtainable" Pokemon. There is also speculation that Niantic could ask players to spell out the word 'legendary' with Unown and that's why the developer has not only made the Pokemon more common but that's why it has reduced the data-strain too. It may also be why the company has stopped Pokemon GO cheaters from seeing rare Pokemon.

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Admittedly, this could well be a case of someone putting two and two together and getting five. However, it does show just how enthusiastic fans are about a possible legendary event.

To fans' credit, Niantic has explicitly stated that legendary Pokemon will be added to the game at some point, with CEO John Hanke suggesting that legendaries could be introduced to Pokemon GO soon. The Niantic executive has even confirmed that the developer is thinking carefully about how to implement the rare characters, including how they can be used for Pokemon GO Gyms. Given the existing issues with Gyms, it's good to know that prolonged legendary takeovers won't need to be added to that list of problems.

As excitement rages on, all that's left to do now is wait. Hopefully legendaries will be added by the time summer rolls around, giving everybody a chance to take advantage of the good weather as they try to catch 'em all. But fans have been waiting so long for the characters that summer or not, many will just be excited to see them in the wild at all.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

Source: SlashGear

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