Pokemon GO has always been a game that seems to be┬ámissing some crucial features, but the recent updates to Gyms and introduction to Battle Raids has brought the game leaps and bounds forward. That said, the new multiplayer features have also reminded players just how useful a few of the missing features would be…

Legendary Raid Battles launched over the weekend and the Pokemon GO community is going crazy trying to catch Lugia and Articuno. The key to taking down these Legendaries, in addition to having a large group of other players around, is taking the right squad into battle. Unfortunately, Pokemon GO doesn’t always make this an easy task.

At this point, players are unable to save pre-made squads of Pokemon as battle-ready load outs. For trainers who have 400+ Pokemon in inventory at any given time, this makes selecting the perfect battle roster a huge hassle. The game autofills a team of fighters when players interact with a Gym or Battle Raid, but the auto-generated list doesn’t account for strengths, weaknesses, or stats. Ideally, Niantic would add an option to save rosters of fighters, but until then, there is a slight workaround that can help.

When customizing the roster before heading into a Battle Raid, players are able to sort their Pokemon alphabetically. To make life easier, try adding a symbol or special character to the beginning of the name of your best Raiding Pokemon, so that they appear at the beginning of the list. The best strategy is to organize them by their strengths with this method.

For example, all of your Pokemon that are strong against Articuno may get an exclamation point in front of their name and all of your Pokemon who are strong against Lugia might get a period in front of their name.

This hack may seem a little silly, but timing is very important in these high level raids and taking the time to scroll through hundreds of fighters for your best Pokemon could cost you the chance to catch a Legendary.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

Source: ComicBook.com