Pokemon GO: New Legendary Raid Battle Available in US

Pokemon GO legendary Pokemon Raikou Entei Suicune

Pokemon GO players have been busy hunting down Gen 3 ghosts and collecting double candy for the last week and Battle Raids have been taking a backseat. That all changes this month, with the latest rotation of Pokemon GO region-locked Legendary Battle Raids.

This is the third, and presumably final, rotation of the Gen 2 Legendary beasts. Players in the states have already had a full month to capture Entei and another full month to capture Raikou and now the time has arrived to add Suicune to the Pokedex.

The community knew the rotation was arriving in early November and Niantic confirmed the migration on Twitter last night...

Many Pokemon GO players have expressed Battle Raid fatigue in recent weeks, but the appearance of a new legendary to collect is sure to get everyone interested again. Players will want to make sure they have the right Pokemon lined up to defeat the new water-type.

It was clear after the first legendary birds appeared for one week each that seven days wasn't quite enough to hunt down the monsters. The adjustment to a month for the Gen 2 rotation was an improvement, but seems to feel too long for most players. It will be interesting to see how Niantic tweaks this process and timeline for the next set of rotating Legendary Battle Raids.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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