Pokemon GO Legendary Details Leak via App Store?

Pokemon GO legendary App Store ad leak

For months, Pokemon GO players have been desperate for more news on when the hit mobile game will finally introduce legendary Pokemon. Fans are incredibly eager to get their virtual mitts on the hard-to-get characters and have even produced theories that Niantic is teasing them with in-game clues. But this is far from an official confirmation.

Today, though, fans seem to have uncovered the biggest hint yet that Pokemon GO legendaries will be arriving soon. Spotted by Pokemon GO players on Reddit, the Indian App Store featured an app that specifically mentioned a Pokemon GO legendary update. It refers to the Pokemon GO anniversary update by mentioning a "special Pikachu with [a] hat" as well as the "first legendary Pokemon."

Additional reports suggest that a similar Pokemon GO ad also went live on the Singaporean App Store earlier today as well. The ads on both App Stores have since been removed though, along with the entire "Great New Updates" banner under which the ads were featured.

It's unclear whether the ads were posted prematurely or whether they were a total accident. However, the ads are just the latest hint that legendary Pokemon will be added soon. Niantic CEO John Hanke previously stated that Pokemon GO would get legendary Pokemon in the "not so distant future," but that was three months ago, and no official announcements had been made about an update or event.

Moreover, a Niantic representative teased that Pokemon GO would have a "legendary" summer, suggesting that the rare Pokemon would arrive before the season was up. Summer does not officially end until September, so Niantic has a couple of months to introduce the characters. However, fans will have their fingers crossed that they arrive sooner than the back-to-school sales.

On top of all of this, there's the Pokemon GO Fest event which will be taking place in just over a week. This real-life event will feature an ultimate Gym, along with other fun activities for Pokemon GO players to enjoy. Fans have already begun to speculate that Niantic will use the event to formally reveal legendary Pokemon as all eyes will be on the Pokemon GO Fest festivities anyway. Nothing is certain, then, but eyebrows will be raised if Niantic doesn't make some sort of official confirmation soon.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Reddit

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