Massive Pokemon GO Leak Adds 100+ New Shiny Models


Chrales is a well-known leaker within the Pokemon GO community and has leaked tons of information before, with one of the more recent being yet another nod toward an eventual gen 4 release. As far as leakers go, Chrales' high-profile status earns him much more trust than other data miners and his latest reveal is a massive influx of new shiny models to the game, including Voltorb, Ponyta, Totodile, and Slowking.

While the majority of the list is composed of Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon, a couple third generation pokemon also appear, namely Kecleon and Gorebyss. More than that, however, this list contains well over 100 shiny models for Pokemon GO players, but it's worth mentioning that just because the models have technically been added to the game, that does not mean they will be appearing in the game any time soon.

Furthermore, it's noteworthy that a majority of these Pokemon are designated as Lucky Pokemon and/or have 99999 CP, which makes these models somewhat suspect. However, since we have no idea how Chrales got these models, it may just be a peculiarity of his work. Without further ado, check out the new shiny models below:

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As exciting as these new shiny forms are, there has been no official word from Niantic concerning these new models, so of course, they should be taken with a minor grain of salt, even though they are coming from a reputable source. It's also worth mentioning that these new shiny models may not be as exciting for some as the upcoming Celebi Special Research quest, which finally has a release date and a few minor details.

While the above list contains a shiny Typhlosion and shiny Feraligatr, it is notably missing a shiny Meganium. However, it's likely that shiny form will be added as it gets closer to September Community Day.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Chrales (via Pokemon GO Hub)

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