Pokemon GO‘s Eevee Community Day begins later today and will reoccur again tomorrow, and while that’s pretty exciting news, its exclusive move, Last Resort, actually isn’t exciting for meta-focused players. When it was first revealed alongside other bonuses for the event, it led to a lot of speculation that the move would turn a number of the Eeveelutions into neutral attacks/ generalists, thereby expanding the meta-relevancy of the Pokemon.

However, with the move finally added to the Game Master files for Pokemon GOthis hype and speculation have essentially flatlined. While its still a rare move, it doesn’t affect raids or gyms in any serious manner. Last Resort is a charged, Normal-type move that deals 90 damage and costs 50 energy.

Moreover, it is boosted by Partly Cloudy weather, has a 2.9-second cooldown, is super effective against nothing, and not very effective against Rock-, Steel-, and Ghost-type Pokemon. Currently, only Eevee and its evolutions can learn this move. Check out the shiny variants that are possible to get today:


While Last Resort is rather disappointing, that doesn’t mean the entire Community Day event will be. Thus far, it has been full of surprises, and Niantic has shown its dedication to these reoccurring events. For example, the fanbase was weary about Squirtle Day going in, fearing it would play out like the Mareep Day debacle, but Niantic hyped up the event by adding in the Sunglasses Squirtle variant.

Hopefully, Niantic has one more surprise in store and will surprise players with the appearance of Glaceon and Leafeon during the event. Even if it requires a TM to get rid of Last Resort for a more meta-relevant move, the addition of Glaceon and Leafeon could potentially correct the path of this Community Day. However, all we can do is wait and see.

Until then, trainers, good luck out there!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GOHub