Pokemon GO: Last Ball Bug Fixed


Since Pokemon GO released its newest raiding feature, allowing players to catch powerful Pokemon and legendary creatures alike, one of the biggest complaints that have been made to developer Niantic regarded an extremely frustrating bug that prevented the last Premier Ball in a player's arsenal from being as effective as players would have liked. The balls, which are granted to raiders following their difficult battle, are the only way to capture the Raid Boss, yet the last ball provided has always had a zero percent chance of success.

In the latest patch notes for the popular AR game, Niantic revealed that it has finally fixed the bug that stopped the last ball from being able to capture Pokemon of any kind. Now players won't be putting as much hope into their second to last throw, and Pokemon GO raids just got very slightly more forgiving.

Pokemon GO catch legendary easily

With the current Pokemon GO legendaries only sticking around until the end of the day, players will have to hurry to take advantage of the game's latest update before the exclusive creatures disappear, possibly forever. As a temporary solution, Niantic had previously added an additional Premier Ball to all raid rewards, though it's unclear as to whether this bonus attempt will be sticking around for the long haul.

Another feature that the update brings is the ability to see how many players are preparing to enter a raid, allowing trainers to avoid wasting their daily free raid pass on a location that has no other users involved. The update brings with it other quality of life improvements, including giving Pokemon GO users who have a Plus device the option to spin Pokestops while at a gym.

This may be the final update to take place before the release of Pokemon GO's exclusive raids and the addition of the long-awaited Mewtwo, something that has been hinted at since the game's first reveal trailer. Fan-favorite and star of the first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo can only be caught by players who get invited to special raids, which will only happen if those users have previously completed a raid in that specific location.

Pokemon GO is out for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Niantic

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