It appears that Kyogre, the legendary Generation 3 water type, has been officially added to Pokemon GO, though it isn’t available quite yet.

The discovery was made by The Silph Road contributor Chrales, who posted the 2D assets for Kyogre on the subreddit for anxious trainers to drool over. For completions sake, they added the assets for both the regular Kyogre and shiny version to peruse. Folks online have already begun assembling their best Electric-type Pokemon for the battle ahead.

While its inclusion into the game’s data is new, the fact that Kyogre is coming has been well-known throughout the community since the Pokemon GO holiday event last year. In the spirit of the season, Niantic made ice-type Pokemon more common than usual, gave away free egg incubators, and added bonuses to the in-game shop.

Pokemon GO Gen 3 Ice and Water type Kyogre

Additionally, the event introduced 20 new Generation 3 Pokemon into the game, all of them Ice and Water-types. The promotional image for the event, which featured several of the new Pokemon being added, included Kyogre tucked away in the background. This led many to believe a raid for Kyogre would be a part of the event, but the holidays came and went with no sign of the legendary beast.

Now, it appears Niantic is finally gearing up to release Kyogre, though it has received a few changes since it was first teased. It was clear that the developer wasn’t satisfied with the Pokemon and Kyogre received a nerf last week. Its maximum CP was reduced by 9% and it lost its Dragon Tail ability; a bummer for trainers who wanted to set Kyogre up as a powerful counter against Dragon-types.

With all the tinkering that has been done, and the data that has been added to the game, it appears as if Kyogre will receive an official release some time in the near future.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road