While many of the creatures in Pokemon GO can be found all over the world, there are some rare monsters that can only be found in specific locations. Now, Niantic Inc. is expanding the radius that players need to be within to capture some of these uncommon beasts.

Kangaskhan is one of several region-specific Pokemon to appear in Pokemon GO, and typically it’s only available to trainers who are in Australia. However, recently Niantic decided to stage a spontaneous limited-time event that would make the creature available across Europe.

The reason for this decision relates to the disastrous anniversary celebration that took place last month. Kangaskhan and several other Pokemon were set to be made available as part of Safari Zone events, which have now been postponed until next month — this particular monster being made available may well be a test run of sorts.

Given how poorly Pokemon GO Fest went, it’s fair to say that Niantic would like to take advantage of any scenario where it can test servers and compatibility, rather than have to compensate disappointed players again. It’s unlikely that the studio would face a similar situation to the Fest, with some attendees filing a class action lawsuit, but negative press is never good for a mobile game.

Pokemon GO Region Exclusive Event in Europe

Kangaskhan is currently available in around 40 cities located across Europe, and the radius around each city where it can be captured has now been extended to 40 kilometers. This also applies to the Unown representing the letters E, U, R, O, and P that have been spotted around Europe over the past several days.

Niantic has confirmed that Kangaskhan will remain in Europe until August 21, giving trainers plenty of time to head into the city and capture the beast. However, it’s currently unknown whether there are any plans to make this particular creature available to players in other regions.

A big part of the appeal of Pokemon GO is the fact that players have to travel to real-world locations in order to expand their collection. The continent-specific Pokemon might be frustrating to anyone who isn’t a world traveler — but offering up access to these creatures for a limited time is a great way to compel trainers to jump back into the game.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.