For Pokemon GO players in America, locating a Kangaskhan has been one of the more difficult tasks. Typically the large Pokemon only spawns in Australia as one of the game’s region-exclusive creatures, but some players will have the opportunity to catch the rare creature this weekend without needing to travel. For a limited time, Kangaskhan will spawn in California.

During the Pokemon World Championships opening ceremony, organizers announced that Kangaskhan will be spawning at Anaheim this weekend to celebrate the gathering of all Pokemon and Pokemon GO players at the event. Organizers say that spawns will occur “around the Anaheim” area, thus players should not need to attend the World Championships in order to find the rare creature. As for how long Kangaskhan will be available, the World Championships run from August 18 to August 21 so fans should have enough time this weekend to fill their Pokedex.

It’s not just Kangaskhan that is receiving extra spawns this weekend either. As a treat for those Pokemon GO players traveling in to California from other areas around the world, the North America exclusive Pokemon Tauros will also be spawning in greater numbers, giving visiting players the chance to fill their Pokedex with another hard-to-find creature.


It is great to see Pokemon GO join in on the Pokemon World Championship festivities even though there’s no competitive Pokemon GO competition at the event. For those wanting to attend a Pokemon GO specific event, there will be a live event taking place in Ohio next weekend on August 26 and August 27, where players will have the chance to enjoy a number of activities and attractions as well as a temporary increase of PokeStops.

Region-exclusive Pokemon were once very rare due to the limited spawn radius for each creature, but Pokemon GO has gradually been giving players more opportunities to catch hard-to-find Pokemon, such as the recent unlocking of the Japan-only shiny Pikachu for everyone around the world. With the addition of Kangaskhan at the Pokemon World Championships, perhaps there will be more cases in the future where region-exclusive creatures will be made available in different countries.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon World Championchips