Pokemon GO July Community Day to Feature Squirtle?

pokemon go july day sunglasses variant squirtle

Now that the dust from Larvitar's Community Day is settled, many fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement from Niantic revealing the featured Pokemon for its next Pokemon GO Community Day. We already know that July's Community Day date is set to occur on Sunday, July 8, 2018, and if a thus-accurate theory proves to be true, it should feature Squirtle.

The aforementioned theory states that the Community Day events essentially rotate Pokemon hatched in 10 km eggs with starter Pokemon. Thus far in Pokemon GO, this has proven to be true: Dratini followed Pikachu, Mareep followed Bulbasaur, and Larvitar followed Charmander. This would suggest Squirtle for the next event, as it would be the next Pokemon in the logical succession; however, some Pokemon GO fans aren't too enthused by the event.

While Community Day has proven to be a popular event since being introduced to the mobile ARG, Mareep Day was less well-received than others because many believed its special move was underwhelming. The same fears surround Squirtle Day, as well as fears that its Shiny variant is underwhelming as well. Check out a Shiny Blastoise below:

blaistoise shiny pokemon go community day

However, Pokemon GO fans that have voiced this concern have also provided an alternative idea: What if, instead of a shiny variant, Squirtle received its iconic sunglasses variant, first popularized in the anime? At the very least, this change would make the Community Day event unique and could potentially avoid another Community Day upset.

Of course, this change would be entirely up to Niantic, which should announce the next event soon. Moreover, since this speculation is based on a patterned theory, it should be taken with a minor grain of salt, as Niantic could simply decide to change it up. July's Community Day featuring Squirtle seems like a safe bet, but how Niantic deals with its community's concerns remain to be seen. Until that is addressed, good luck, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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