In what remains one of the stranger news stories stemming from the staggered Pokemon GO global release, Japanese gamers still don’t have their hands on the game.

It’s hard to remember the last time a game launch took so long and featured as many bugs as the release of Niantic and Nintendo’s Pokemon GO. However, for a game with some fundamentally important things broken, including the glitched Pokemon GO tracker and incredibly unstable servers, the staggered release that has kept Japanese gamers from enjoying the latest Pokemon craze might be considered a good thing rather than a disappointment.

If nothing else, that’s the stance that Niantic has seemed to take on the matter. Although a McDonald’s email leak regarding the Japanese launch of Pokemon GO indicated that the mobile title would be available today, the same email leak is now being cited as the reason Pokemon GO still manages to elude Japanese gamers’ phones. According to Tech Crunch, the same website that originally linked the email, the news of the game’s impending launch in Japan went viral and caused Niantic to worry about a whole new wave of users that would crash Pokemon GO‘s already battered and beaten servers.

The rumor about what’s behind the sudden delay, however, would make a lot of sense – Niantic CEO John Hanke has already expressed concerns over whether or not the Japanese Pokemon GO servers would be strong enough to handle what can be assumed to be a very heavy load once the game finally launches. Hanke likely has the full support of Nintendo as well, as the publisher has found little reason to complain after Pokemon GO made Nintendo worth more than Sony for the first time in years.

Whatever the cause for the delay, Pokemon GO players worldwide should prepare for server troubles sooner rather than later. Tech Crunch is also reporting that Pokemon GO will release in Japan tomorrow, July 21, instead, and Niantic’s decision to make the first 3,000 gyms in Japan exclusively McDonald’s locations will likely only encourage more activity from a player base that has been starved for some Pokemon catching action.

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Then again, the possibility of downtime for players who have already been enjoying the latest Pokemon craze isn’t the end of the world. Perhaps it will give players looking for the perfect Pokemon training partner the option to check out the new Pokemon GO dating service and get ahead of the over 30 million other fans who have already downloaded the game.

Do you think it is wise of Niantic to delay the game for one more day? Is postponing the launch of Pokemon GO because there was too much anticipation for the game’s release silly? Let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Tech Crunch (via IGN)