New Pokemon GO Event is Live, Features McDonald's Tie-In

Rumor: Pokemon GO Partnering With McDonald's for 'Sponsored Locations' - McDonalds logo

Ever since the successful Halloween event, Pokemon GO events have been appearing on a more frequent basis. Some of these events are region-exclusive, though, as is the case with the game's new Golden Week event, which adds a lure module to a number of McDonald's restaurants in Japan from April 29th to May 7th.

Over 2,500 McDonald's will be impacted by the latest Pokemon GO event, which promises to give players the chance to catch even more Pokemon than usual thanks to the lure modules. For the uninitiated, lure modules are items that can be assigned to PokeStops to increase the rate at which Pokemon spawn there, making it easier for trainers to build their collection of critters.

While this event is sure to please Pokemon GO players in Japan, players in other regions are being left out of the festivities. And if this event is anything like past region-exclusive events, there is little hope of it ever making its way elsewhere.

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Anyone disappointed that they're missing out on Pokemon GO's latest event should rest assured that there will be plenty of other global events for the popular mobile game in the future. Besides events based on holidays, it's likely that Niantic will do something to celebrate the game's one year anniversary on July 6th, and the company has also teased that a legendary Pokemon event is in the works as well.

Even so, Niantic has yet to do many PokeStop-specific events in areas outside of Japan. Players in other parts of the world have rarely had the benefit of sponsored PokeStops being outfitted with week-long lure modules, and may feel left out. Considering this, it would be nice for Niantic to throw a bone to Pokemon GO players outside of Japan and give them a similar event to even the playing field a bit.

If that doesn't come to pass, fans can still count on Niantic running Pokemon GO events on a regular basis, even if some are region-exclusive. The global events seem to be grander in scale anyway, and it will be interesting to see exactly what Pokemon GO's next global event will be.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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