While Pokemon GO may never be as popular as it was last summer, the game is still played by millions of dedicated fans on a daily basis. Niantic has maintained the game’s community by regularly updating it, with the latest update tweaking gym battles and adding raids to keep longtime players invested in the experience. Besides new gym battles and raids, though, Niantic has also updated the game to allow for increased storage space.

As announced by the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, players can now increase the number of items they can carry from 1,000 to 1,500. However, this storage increase doesn’t come automatically. Anyone that would like to increase their storage capacity from 1,000 items to 1,500 items will have to purchase bag upgrades from the shop, and they don’t come cheap.

Bag upgrades in Pokemon GO cost 200 coins, which can be obtained using real-world cash or by earning coins at gyms. While there are undoubtedly Pokemon GO fans that have no qualms about spending actual money on the game, it seems like most players that are interested in another bag upgrade will make the effort to control gyms to earn coins.

Having said that, it remains to be seen if most players will even be interested in increasing their storage capacity to 1,500 items. In fact, it’s arguable that upgrading one’s bag is unnecessary at all, as players can discard unwanted items and regain them back fairly quickly if they are in an area with a heavy population of PokeStops.

It seems like the more pressing upgrade players should worry about is increasing their Pokemon storage capacity. While it’s true that Niantic has added new items to the game, it has added far more Pokemon, with second generation Pokemon being introduced earlier this year. Players that are serious about obtaining the strongest Pokemon possible will also be catching plenty of duplicates to trade for candy, so being able to carry as many Pokemon as possible without having to constantly manage one’s storage space is important.

Regardless of whether or not carrying 1,500 items in Pokemon GO is necessary, it’s nice to have the option. Plus, it will give fans that have been playing the game religiously since the start something new to purchase with their coins.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.