Pokemon GO: Reports Indicate Increased Spawn Rates and New Nests


A bevy of reports from gamers the world over indicates that Pokemon GO has been on the receiving end of an overhaul that makes rare Pokemon spawn more frequently.

As expected, it's been a tough slog for Pokemon GO players trying to catch 'em all. Setting aside the fact that some fans have managed to snag all of the currently available mons in the mobile title, there are many more active users that, despite great effort, simply haven't been able to – leaving them to continue trekking through. At times this is literal, thanks primarily to the new Buddy update for Pokemon GO, but it looks as if some intriguing actions may have been executed by developer Niantic to rustle a few more of the rarer creatures out of hiding.

According to a number of players on the go-to Pokemon GO reddit thread, aptly referred to as The Silph Road, spawn rates have been upped substantially for a number of the rarer monsters. If that weren't enough, additional reports from users claim that a number of new nests have appeared in lieu of an actual migration, which would mean that Pokemon in general are spawning more often than they once did.

Could Niantic be upping spawn rates to make the Pokemon GO Plus more relevant?

These claims are currently unconfirmed, but a handful of fans are swearing by the alleged news – with the aforementioned reddit group The Silph Road posting a rather bizarre photo on imgur of several incredibly rare Pocket Monsters nearby. Even then, others are less certain about such an overhaul, claiming that nests and spawn rates have remained steadfast in the wake of these allegations. In that light, it's hard to tell whether or not such a shift has occurred within Pokemon GO, and Niantic has yet to make any confirmation either way.

Given the recent launch of Pokemon GO Plus, not to mention inevitable plans to add new Pokemon generations down the road, there's little question that the studio behind the mobile game has been incredibly busy. In that light, it's certainly possible that the developer has pushed to find ways to keep consumers engaged in the wake of 79% of its peak paying population moving on. In the meantime, fans would be best to take these reports with a major grain of salt.

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Pokemon GO is currently available for mobile iOS and Android devices.

Source: TheSilphRoad (via PokemonGoHub)

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