Twitter artist BrachyZoid recreates screenshots of Pokemon GO Pokemon that appear to be fused together, creating terrifying Pokemon hybrid monstrosities.

Pokemon GO, despite its incredible popularity, is by no means a perfect game, and not even its biggest supporters would label it as one. It’s no secret that the game has its fair share of glitches and oddities, with these issues ranging from serious technical problems to goofy graphical mishaps. One common issue Pokemon GO players run into when on their Pokemon-hunting adventures is two or more Pokemon spawning in the same spot, making it look as though the creatures are fused together. Well, one artist has taken inspiration from these hybrid Pokemon, and has decided to bring them to life in his drawings.

Twitter user BrachyZoid has been drawing disturbing pictures of hybrid Pokemon sent to him by Pokemon GO fans. These drawings imagine what these hybrid Pokemon would look like if they were actually fused together, and not just clipping through one another. The results are a Rattata with Paras claws, a Weedle bursting from the head of a dead Oddish, and perhaps the most unnerving, a Psyduck with the three heads of Dodrio sticking out of the top of its skull.

It’s safe to say that most of BrachyZoid’s Pokemon GO hybrid drawings are gross, but there are a couple that aren’t upsetting. For example, a Krabby with a Doduo on its head is made to look like it is dancing to disco music, and a Doduo/Geodude mashup has spawned its own series of fan art of people that enjoy seeing a buff Dodou.

Pokemon GO Hybrids Will Haunt Your Nightmares - Rattata Paras Pokemon GO Hybrids Will Haunt Your Nightmares - Krabby Doduo Pokemon GO Hybrids Will Haunt Your Nightmares - Rattata Pidgey Pokemon GO Hybrids Will Haunt Your Nightmares - Staryu Magikarp

Pokemon GO Hybrids Will Haunt Your Nightmares - Weedle Oddish

Pokemon GO Hybrids Will Haunt Your Nightmares - Psyduck Dodrio

Pokemon GO fans may get a kick out of BrachyZoid’s drawings, but at the same time, his drawings are proof that there are still lingering issues that plague the popular augmented reality mobile game, even a couple of months after its launch. For example, the Pokemon tracking glitch that caused headaches in the game’s early days resulted in the popular feature being removed entirely, and then replaced by a new tracking tool that seems to be less popular with the community.

So, while the hybrid Pokemon seen in Pokemon GO may be amusing, they also serve as a reminder that Niantic has a long way to go when it comes to improving the game. If Niantic wants to continue making $200 million a month from Pokemon GO, it should be sure to retain its fan base by keeping the game updated on a regular basis and keeping it as glitch-free as possible.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Source: BrachyZoid (via Kotaku)