Use this guide to learn where to find an Up-Grade evolutionary item in Pokemon GO, which is used to evolve the normal-type Pokemon Porygon into Porygon2.

Anyone that has jumped back into the world of Pokemon GO since the game’s latest update will notice some changes, like the addition of evolution items. Whereas the original version of Pokemon GO ignored things like evolution stones, the update makes them a required component for evolving some of the Pokemon in the game.

For those wondering how to get the illusive Up-Grade item required to evolve Porygon, read on.

How to Get the Up-Grade

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As is the case with the Metal Coat and the other evolution-triggering collectibles in Pokemon GO, obtaining an Up-Grade is a matter of finding one at a PokeStop. If possible, players should travel to areas that have multiple PokeStops to increase the odds that they will get an Up-Grade. If players live in an area that doesn’t have many PokeStops, then they can kill time by walking away from the PokeStop and returning when it resets, catching wild Pokemon and hatching eggs while they wait.

Unfortunately, there is no exact science to getting an Up-Grade from a PokeStop. All players can do is spin PokeStop wheels repeatedly until the game decides to gift them with the elusive item. Once players finally have the Up-Grade in their possession, the next step is preparing a Pokemon to evolve with it.

Who Can Evolve with the Up-Grade Evolution Item

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In Pokemon GO, there is only one Pokemon that can use an Up-Grade to evolve: the Normal-type Pokemon Porygon. Porygon, famous for being the star of one of the Pokemon anime’s banned episodes, is somewhat difficult to find in Pokemon GO, so players will have to walk around until they happen upon one, or hatch one from an egg.

Catching Porygon is only half the battle. In the main series of Pokemon games, players have to obtain a Porygon, have it hold the Up-Grade item, and then trade it with another player to make it evolve into Porygon2. Evolving Porygon into Porygon2 is simpler in Pokemon GO, but it still requires players to do more than just collect the Up-Grade.

Besides getting the Up-Grade from a PokeStop, players also have to make sure they have 50 Porygon candies to evolve Porygon into Porygon2. Of course, since Porygon is a somewhat rare Pokemon as it is, collecting enough candy to evolve it is easier said than done.

One method of earning Porygon candy is by catching duplicate Porygon in the wild, and another is hatching more Porygon from eggs, which will give players the most candy. While players will get the most Porygon candy by hatching them from eggs, the only way to guarantee Porygon candy is by assigning Porygon to be a buddy Pokemon and walking around with it.


With 50 Porygon candy and the Up-Grade evolution item, players can evolve Porygon into Porygon2, and will have captured one of the rarest Pokemon in the game in the process. Of course, there are still many Pokemon that have yet to be added to Pokemon GO, including legendary Pokemon, so players still have a long way to go if they hope to catch ’em all.

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