Pokemon GO’s first Community Day was a big hit last month and managed to get thousands of players out into the cold chasing down Battle Raids, Stardust, and Pikachu. February’s Community Day is just around the corner and the Dratini-themed day has some extra bonuses in store.

In addition to increased sightings of the featured Pokemon, Dratini; Pokemon GO’s next Community day also includes 3x catch stardust and three hour lures. Players knew that a special move bonus was also on the way and it sounds like Niantic is finally ready to share the secret, just a week before the big February event.

This one is pretty simple. To obtain the special move – Draco Meteor – players just need to evolve a Dragonair into Dragonite during the Community Day event. Luckily, there are a lot of ways that players can prepare to do this.

Players who are short on Dragonite candy can start to stock up on Pinap Berries, which give double candy on catches. During the event there should be tons of Dragonites around, so players should use Pinaps for those catches as much as possible.

For further preparation, players can also do as many Battle Raids as possible to start storing up Rare Candy, which can be used towards evolution or Power Ups for any Pokemon. Sounds like this week is a good time to hunt down the latest Legendary, right?

That’s all there is to it. Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices. Pokemon GO’s upcoming Community Day takes place on February 24, 2018.