Pokemon GO: How to Fight Team Rocket Leaders

pokemon go how to fight team rocket leaders

Continuing Pokemon GO’s Team Rocket themed events, the latest update sees new Team Rocket Leaders join the game. Alongside shadow Pokemon and Rocket grunts, the latest update to Pokemon GO allows players to find and battle not only the brand new trio of Rocket leaders, but also the big bad boss himself: Giovanni.

However, the locations of both the Rocket leaders and Giovanni are not out in the open from the get-go. Players will have to do a bit of groundwork to make their way to them. So, before players can test their might against the higher-ups of Team Rocket and their shadow Pokemon, there are a few tasks that must be done first.

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Finding GO Rocket Hideouts

To locate the Rocket hideouts that house the different Rocket leaders, players will first need to open up the Special Research: Looming in the Shadows task issued by Professor Willow. This task involves battling Rocket grunts who have occupied Pokestops in order to find and collect objects called Mysterious Components.

By collecting and assembling six Mysterious Components, players will be able to create a Rocket Radar. Using a Rocket Radar will allow players to scan the area around them for hidden hideouts that house Team Rockets leaders. After finding a hideout its time to challenge the leaders and defeat them.

Challenging GO Rocket Leaders and Giovanni

There are three unique Rocket leaders to encounter and battle: Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo. After encountering and defeating each leader in battle, players will have the chance to capture their shadow Pokemon and may even get some special stones as rewards. These shadow Pokemon apparently have the chance to house special qualities, as stated by Niantic.

Additionally, this new update offers players the chance to collaborate with one another. Meaning that while only players with Rocket Radars can use them to detect hideouts, nearby players can locate already detected Rocket hideouts and battle the leaders as well.

Finally, provided that players have battled enough Rocket grunts, battled the leaders, and have completed a few more miscellaneous tasks, Professor Willow will gift players with a Super Rocket Radar. With this item, players will be able to locate Giovanni. Tracking down Giovanni and defeating him will give players the chance to rescue a Legendary Shadow Pokemon.

This latest update to Pokemon GO seems to finally be reaching the conclusion of the Team Rocket storyline that was introduced to the game earlier this year. While Giovanni might be the end game for Team Rocket, he’s not going down without a fight. So be prepared and watch out for fake Rocket grunts who will be posing as Giovanni out in the field.

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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