After a month of or so of hunting down legendary birds, it’s time for Pokemon GO players to make a run at the legendary dogs. The trio of new Legendaries are now available and players in America are tasked with battling Raikou for the next 30 days. To pull this off, players will need to know which Pokemon take into battle against the new Legendary Battle Raid boss.

Raikou isĀ one of the three Legendary Beasts from the Johto Region. This one is an electric-type, so Pokemon GO players should already have a decent roster of fighters ready if they’ve been completing battle raids throughout the summer. This electric-type only has one weakness, so that means it’s time to bring your best ground-type buddies back into the roster.

These are the three Pokemon we recommend using against Raikou, and which move sets you should equip them with:

Golem – Mud Slap and Stone Edge

Rhydon – Mud Slap and Stone Edge

Tyranitar – Bite and Stone Edge

Pokemon GO: Golem May Be Best Bet in Legendary Raids - Golem in Pokemon GO

Obviously, Stone Edge is going to be your go-to charged attack against Raikou whenever possible. It’s a little harder to guarantee that move now that TMs are dropping less frequently, but players should do their best to get that charged attack ready.

For players who don’t have enough of these top tier counters, it’s fine to fill in the roster with your other best Pokemon. Just be sure to avoid electric-, flying-, and steel-types because Raikou will be strong against all of them.

Once Raikou is defeated, catching the Legendary Pokemon is the same as it has been for the others. Players will be rewarded with a certain number of Premier Pokeballs (based on their performance, gym control, and a few other factors), and will need to catch Raikou. Be sure to take a few seconds to watch his attack animations first, because he leaps back in a way that can make it very easy to miss him the first few tries. Due to the low base catch rate, we recommend using Golden Berries if you are lucky enough to still have some.

Good luck out there trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.