Shortly after Lugia’s debut in Pokemon GO, Niantic added a second legendary Pokemon to the game, the ice- and flying-type Pokemon Articuno. Articuno was chosen over Zapdos and Moltres due to Team Mystic’s success at the Pokemon GO Fest event in Chicago, which gave players all over the world the chance to catch the legendary creature by defeating it in a legendary raid.

Like the legendary raid with Lugia, Articuno is no walk in the park. Players will want to prepare for the battle by organizing a group of other Pokemon trainers, preferably ones that have the powerful Pokemon necessary to help take down Articuno. Articuno seems to spawn with nearly 40,000 CP on a regular basis, so the best case scenario for players is going into the raid battle with a max group of 20 trainers that all have the best Articuno counters in their roster.

As is the case with the Lugia battle, there are three Pokemon that are must-haves for the Articuno fight. The rock- and ground-type Pokemon Golem, a Tyranitar with Stone Edge, and an Omastar are the ideal Pokemon for anyone that plans on participating in legendary raids. Along with those three Pokemon, players will also want to consider other powerful Articuno counters, particularly fire-type Pokemon like Arcanine, Flareon, and others.

Once players have a strong lineup of Pokemon to take into the fight, the next step is making sure they have a raid pass. Raid passes are universal, meaning there are no special items necessary for players to jump into legendary raids. Players can get one free raid pass per day by spinning a gym’s disc or they can buy raid passes using PokeCoins in the store.

Pokemon GO shiny legendary Pokemon

With a raid pass in tow and a strong group of like-minded trainers at the ready, players should be ready for the battle with Articuno. Despite being a legendary raid, the Articuno fight should play out like any other Pokemon GO battle. Players will want to furiously tap at the creature to attack, occasionally holding their finger on the screen to unleash special moves. To avoid Articuno’s attacks, simply swipe left and right. Of course, Articuno has an obscene amount of health and deals significant damage, so even the best Pokemon GO battlers may want to brush up on their skills before jumping into the fight.

With enough persistence, Articuno will be defeated. Afterwards, players will have a chance to catch Articuno using premier balls, and will be gifted a certain number of them based on their performance in the preceding fight. Articuno is very likely to jump out of all the premier balls players throw at it, so it’s best to butter it up with berries before throwing too many at the beast.

It will take a little luck and perhaps a few golden razz berries, but eventually Pokemon GO players should be able to capture Articuno, adding one of the rarest Pokemon to their collection in the process.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.