Pokemon GO: How to Beat Registeel

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This weekend, along with the other legendary Pokémon titans from the Hoenn region, Registeel has returned to Pokémon GO the mobile game that recently hit the $3 billion mark in lifetime earnings.

With Registeel being a Legendary Raid boss with a 33516 Combat Power and a wide range of deadly counters, trainers should move in packs of five or six if they want to bag this Legendary Pokémon before it gets more challenging after the 4th.

This Pokémon GO guide will cover Registeel’s move set, weaknesses and recommended counters.

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Registeel’s fast moves feature one Steel move and one Attack move: Metal Claw and Rock Smash. For its Charged moves, Registeel will alternate between a Flash Cannon, a Focus blast, and a Hyper Beam. Like its titan sibling, Regirock, the Focus Blast charge is arguably the most dangerous because it deals neutral damage to most counters.

Unlike Regirock, however, Registeel has considerably fewer weaknesses: fire, fighting, and ground moves. That being said, fire types make up the bulk of the top five suggested counters:


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At the top of the list is Chandelure, not only because its fire attacks (fire spin and overheat) deal a significantly high rate of damage per second, but also because its resistant to the majority of Registeel’s moves.


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This Flying/Fire type of Pokémon is also deals devastating amounts of damage to Registeel, and with the exact same moves as Chandelure, although at a slightly lower DPS rate. On the other hand, Moltres does have a higher resistance to Registeel’s attack moves.


This legendary fire Pokémon is another excellent counter choice, particularly when boosted by sunny weather. Like the two previous counters, Entei can perform fire spin and overheat with gusto.


With a steel resistance, Heatran becomes the next best counter with its powerful fire spin and fire blast attacks that are enhanced during Sunny and Snow weather.


pokemon go guide registeel counter 4

If trainers don’t have a Moltres at their disposal, then Charizard will make for a decent substitute. It can do everything Moltres can, but with a little less punch.

Honorable Mention: Blaziken

While fire types dominated the top five suggestions, an honorable mention for Blaziken must be made considering the lethal combination of attacks like Counter and fire moves like Blast Burn that Blaziken can throw at the Pokémon GO Legendary Pokémon.

Note: Sunny weather would be the ideal condition to face a Registeel Pokémon.

With this steel titan caught, trainers should search for more Legendary Pokémon before another Pokémon Sword and Shield leak threatens to distract them.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

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