Pokemon GO: How to Beat Ho-Oh Easily


Now that the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge has come to a conclusion, trainers everywhere have access to double stardust and XP until December 1st. In addition, the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh has finally arrived in Raid Battles, and is proving to be quite the difficult opponent so far.

In order to assist players in defeating, and hopefully capturing, the popular Rainbow Pokemon, fan group PokeWreck has put together an infographic that will help players choose the optimal Pokemon GO team to take on the challenging raid. As a Fire/Flying-Type Pokemon, Ho-Oh has a weakness to Rock, Electric, and Water-Type attacks which trainers should take full advantage of when picking their opening line-ups.


As shown in the image above, Ho-Oh's best counter is Omastar due to its Water/Rock typing and its powerful super-effective attacks. Golem is also a good choice against the legendary bird, due to its strength against both Fire and Flying-Type attacks. The two counters can each learn powerful Rock-Type moves and players should make good use of their Quick and Charge TMs to ensure that Rock Throw is the Pokemons' standard attack.

One thing that all players should be aware of is Ho-Oh's tendency to have Solar Beam in its move set. For those unaware, Solar Beam is a powerful Grass-Type attack that will be super effective against all Rock and Water-Type attackers. Even Omastar and Golem users need to beware of getting his by this move and should always try and dodge before it lands.

Besides the two aforementioned counters, trainers should think about bringing other strong creatures into battle with them that boast a type advantage against Ho-Oh. Popular options include Raikou, Tyranitar, Zapdos, Vaporeon, and Gyarados, which would all have been effective choices for those looking to beat Moltres easily back when legendary raids first launched, due to the two mythical creatures sharing the same weaknesses.

After catching 3 billion Pokemon in order to complete the Global Catch Challenge, there's no denying that this new addition to raids has been well deserved by the game's fan-base but it looks like the legendary will be incredibly difficult to capture once defeated. We can only hope that the star of the latest Pokemon movie's December 12 expiry date will prove to be long enough for players to have a good shot at acquiring a Ho-Oh of their very own.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS.

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