Pokemon GO: How to Easily Beat Any Raid Boss

Pokemon GO EX Raid Gyms

With the latest major update for Pokemon GO, Niantic has added co-op raid battles to the game, giving players more opportunities to utilize their Pokemon's combat skills. For the most part, these raid battles don't require much strategy, especially if a large group of trainers has formed to engage in the fight, but the tier four battles can prove to be quite challenging without a game plan.

In Pokemon GO, there are seven possible raid bosses at the fourth difficulty tier. Each of these Pokemon are weak against different types, and can be countered by specific Pokemon. Furthermore, Pokemon with certain move-sets are even more effective against the different raid bosses.

The graphic below, created by Reddit user pokemapi, shows each raid boss as well as the Pokemon that counter it. The icons on each Pokemon's picture represents the type of moves players will want it to have before going into the battle. For the most part, players will want each Pokemon to have the same move type for both of its attacks, with a few exceptions.

Pokemon GO: How to Easily Beat Any Raid Boss - Pokemon GO raid boss counter chart

For example, Alakazam should have one psychic move and one fighting move. Jynx, meanwhile, should have one psychic move and one ice move when using her against the Venusaur raid boss. And finally, when using Tyranitar against Charizard, players will want a Tyranitar with a dark move and a rock move.

By obtaining the right Pokemon with the right attacks, players should find it much easier to take down the higher level raid bosses. Of course, there are some other factors to consider as well. While Pokemon GO's combat system is fairly simple, consisting of tapping on the enemy Pokemon and occasionally swiping to dodge attacks, it does take some skill to be successful at it. Considering this, some players may want to brush up on their fighting skills in gym battles before jumping into higher level raids.

pokemon go tyranitar

Something else to consider is how many other players are helping in the raid battle. The whole point of raids is for Pokemon trainers to come together to fight off the boss as quickly as possible, and the more players fighting in a raid, the better the chances are that the boss will be toppled.

In the future, Niantic is looking to add even more raid bosses to the mix, which will require players to discover new counter Pokemon and type weaknesses. In the meantime, this chart should go a long way in helping Pokemon trainers fight and defeat the strongest raid bosses in the game.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit

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