GR Pick: Pokemon GO Fan Imagines How PvP Could Work

Pokemon GO PvP battles feature

One talented Pokemon GO fan has come up with a design for the game's PvP (player versus player) battles. The Pokemon Company and developer Niantic have been teasing Pokemon GO PvP battles for almost an entire year.

In the mock-up, posted to social media, one Pokemon GO fan suggests that PvP battles would let players throw down any time. Taking up a patch of land in the game's version of real-word streets and areas, the space occupied by the budding Pokemon GO Trainers would be transformed into a battlefield, where their chosen Pokemon would battle as they stand by their side, similar to how the Buddy system works. Keeping things simple, there would be a lower third showing who is fighting, what their avatar looks like, their level and how much HP their Pokemon has left.

Pokemon GO Pvp battle design

Admittedly, the fan-made design is a little plain, but this could be useful for newcomers to the Pokemon series who may be getting their first taste of the pocket monsters universe with Pokemon GO. And most fans don't seem to mind, either, saying that the design looks "amazing" and saying that Niantic should take notice.

Other fans, though, argue that Niantic needs to fix problems with Pokemon GO GPS drifting and spoofing before it starts to put PvP gameplay in place. If GPS drifting, which sees the game fail to get an accurate reading of the player's location, isn't fixed, it could mean that players end up bugging out of player versus player battles through no fault of their own. In this case, it won't matter how robust or entertaining Pokemon GO PvP battles are if failures with the technical aspects of the game mean that players can't enjoy the mode for long.

At this point, it's unclear what the road to player versus player battles looks like and if the final version of the feature will look anything like that fan mock-up. Niantic did say that Pokemon GO would add PvP (along with trading) 'soon' but this was three months ago and there have been no official announcements on when the feature might arrive. Perhaps Niantic has delayed the feature in order to address these fan concerns and to make sure that it gets the highly anticipated feature right, but only time will tell.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

Source: Reddit

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