As of July 22nd, 2017, it’s finally possible to catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The very first legendary added to the game was the legendary bird Lugia from the Johto region, and now trainers can find Lugia in raids all over the world. For those hoping to catch Lugia, here’s the best way to get the job done.

Preparing Your Pokemon

First and foremost, players will want to organize a strong group of trainers with powerful Pokemon before they even think about tackling a legendary raid in Pokemon GO. Lugia often has CP of 40,000+, making it a monumental task to take it down in battle. For the best results, players will want to go into the battle with a full team of 20 players, all equipped with the most powerful Pokemon that Lugia is weakest against.

The best Pokemon to defeat Lugia are Jolteon, Gengar, Golem, Magneton, Omastar, and Tyranitar. Players may be able to get by without having all of the best Lugia counters in their lineup, but it’s a smart to have at least three. We recommend Golem, Omastar, and Tyranitar, as those three Pokemon should be useful in virtually all of the legendary raids thanks to their types and the devastating attacks they can learn.

Pokemon GO Lugia Raids release

Find a Legendary Raid

Once players are confident in their raid group and with the Pokemon they have, the next step is to find a legendary raid and defeat Lugia. Legendary raids are denoted by dark-colored eggs and represent the fifth and highest tier of raid difficulty. Once a Lugia raid starts, players will have a certain amount of time to defeat and capture the legendary bird, just as is the case with regular raids.

Like regular raids, players will need a raid pass before they can start the battle. While Niantic could have easily forced players to acquire a special “legendary raid pass” or something of the sort, we’re happy to report that regular raid passes work in legendary raids. Raid passes can be purchased from the store for 100 PokeCoins, or obtained for free once per day by spinning the disc in any gym.

When the battle with Lugia finally begins, players will want to immediately bombard it with everything they have in their arsenal. The same strategies that apply to gym battles or other raids apply to legendary gyms as well: simply tap Lugia as furiously as possible while swiping left and right to avoid its attacks.


If successful, Lugia will be defeated and depending on how players performed and coordinated with their team members, they will have a certain number of chances to catch it. Like other raids, players are gifted with premier balls to try to catch Lugia, and while they don’t have access to their regular Pokeballs, they can still soften Lugia up with berries before trying to catch it.

Catching Lugia with Premier Balls

Unfortunately, Lugia and the other legendary bird available right now, the flying/ice-type Pokemon Articuno, are notoriously difficult to capture after defeating them in raids. It is highly likely that many players will walk away from the raid empty-handed, as the catch rate for the legendary Pokemon seems to be rather slim. Ultimately, players will just have to get lucky and hope that their berries are enough to keep Lugia in its ball.

After catching Lugia, Pokemon GO players will have obtained one of the rarest and most difficult Pokemon to catch in the game to date. Future legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo may pose an even greater challenge and require different strategies, so Pokemon GO fans will need to stay tuned to see what’s in store for legendary raids moving forward.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.