According to mobile app growth analysts Sensor Tower, Pokemon GO has just set another record, becoming the fastest selling app to reach $1 billion in revenue.

The mobile juggernaut that is Niantic’s Pokemon GO cannot be stopped, and the fact that the game is still as profitable as it is defies expectation. Many gamers were not surprised to find Pokemon GO on many disappointing games of 2016 lists, thanks to a launch that was barren in terms of features and the many glitches that have plagued the mobile app since its release. Yet, despite all of this, Pokemon GO is still the most popular mobile game on the market, and though for a while it looked like there was still a competition, it now appears Pokemon GO could just pull away from the pack for good.

According to mobile app analysts Sensor TowerPokemon GO‘s growth has continued to exceed expectations while into its life cycle, a trend that is baffling given that many fans have criticized Pokemon GO‘s unwillingness to make major changes in a timely manner. Sensor Tower’s report states that Pokemon GO has crossed the $1 billion in gross global revenue threshold, just seven months after Pokemon GO‘s original release.

The record-breaking performance is all the more impressive when put into the context of Pokemon GO‘s monthly sales performance. Pokemon GO was at $950 million in global revenue at the end of December 2016, hot off a Pokemon GO seasonal event that saw gamers return in droves to catch Pikachu’s sporting Santa hats. That means that in January, Pokemon GO managed to generate another $50 million in global revenue during a month that had absolutely no large occurrences to entice players into spending their money on Niantic’s app.

Pokemon GO‘s achievement may already be impressive, but the mobile game is showing no signs of slowing down, and could see an even bigger spike in profits soon. Recent datamining done on Pokemon GO suggests Gen 2 Pokemon are on the way, and the introduction of many more series favorites could see players returning en masse to expand their collection of creatures.

pokemon go christmas pikachu

Whatever the case may be for Pokemon GO‘s future, however, its present is a lesson that all mobile app developers are likely paying close attention to. Pokemon GO launched with a very flawed execution of a grand, ambitious dream, and backed by the nostalgia factor of a globally recognized brand, it managed to sell people on the idea of the experience rather than the experience itself. It’s not very often a game is able to do that, but Pokemon GO is evidence that the right idea will sell millions regardless of how well it is first implemented.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.